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NorthShore ADHD Assessments

What we do

Financial Report

Our assessments are comprehensive and created to optimize outcomes. The full assessment is broken into three parts.

Visit 1 - 60 min

Overview of the current concern

Assessment of impairment by domain

ADHD symptoms effect on function

Childhood and family history


Visit 2 - 60 min

Assessment of other possible diagnoses

Current and lifetime substance use

Personality style

Social-emotional function

Review of diet, lifestyle and physical health

Mood and Behavioral Dysregulation Index

Visit 3 - 30 min

Risk assessment and mitigation

Diagnostic summary

Treatment planning

Prescription, referral, coaching or counseling


We don't like labels. Our primary goal is to help our patients understand their condition, what factors affect and what to do about it.


When it comes to treating severe ADHD, you can't really get complete remission without medication. We wish it weren't that way. But the right medication, at the right dose, taken the right way can bring dramatic change, allowing people to meet their full potential in life. You just don't get that impact without stimulants.

Self Management

But, the truth is, regardless of the medication, no one will get better unless they choose to be accountable for their part of the treatment. It's not fun. it's not easy and it's not fast, but if you really want to optimize your function, you have to play your part. 

Skill Building

We can't teach you to concentrate, but we can teach skills that will help you manage your life. Those executive skills include, organization, prioritization, lists, schedules, tricks and hacks. You will be amazed how much of a difference it can make, when you combine coaching with medication.


Think of it as consciousness coaching. You are the expert, we want to teach you to view your life, your world and your behavior in new, more healthful ways. We do this by identifying certain timeless principles and then coaching you on how to integrate these into your everyday. Our system is called Adios, which doesn't mean good bye, it means let the spirit be with you.


No one had a perfect childhood. We observe and mimic the patterns of emotions and behaviors that were modeled for us in our family of origin, at school and in our environment. Observing and changing those patterns will set you free.


We go to bat for our patients, whether that is in the workplace, at school or against and insurer. People don't often understand that ADHD and Addiction are invisible disabilities.

Doctor and patient
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