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EpiphanyClinics Training Program

Better Training means Better Outcomes

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Clinician Training Program

Who is EpiphanyClinics and what do they do?


EpiphanyClinics is a digital health platform designed to bring psychedelic-assisted therapy to the masses. It will be propagated by the mobile app that co-founder, Michael Chu, created to collect assessment and monitoring data on patients from our clinics and beyond.


With that data we can substantiate the efficacy of psychedelic therapy, which we will share with medical societies, insurance providers and educational institutions to provide the scaffolding for the development of courses and programs that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. EpiphanyClinics PAT training program is a psychedelic facilitation and integration educational offering that enables trainees and their clients to receive maximum benefit. Our proposed clinical trajectory is build on the following foundational elements.

  1. Assessment

  2. Diagnosis and Preparation

  3. Psychedelic Experience and Closing

  4. Integration

  5. Remote Monitoring


How is EpiphanyClinics training different?

We emphasize:


1. Accurate diagnosis decreases risk.

2. Appropriate preparation engages patients and optimizes intention translation.

3. Trauma-informed care allows us to gently probe for and manage the underlying issues that are often the foundation of mood dysregulation and behavioral disability.

4. Culturally competent care allows us to propagate the benefits of psychedelic therapy beyond the borders of the psychiatric-industrial complex.

5. Ethically rigorous care allows us to earn and maintain the patient's trust in everything we do and all the data we collect.

6. Integration allows us to translate the psychic content uncovered during psychedelic exploration in to thoughts, emotions and behaviors that improve the quality of the patient's life.


EpiphanyClinics training is psychedelic care training for selected clinicians. If you are interested in participating, send your resume to

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