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Are you Out of your Mind? Podcast

The psychedelic wave has been building for 60 years. We examine the ins and outs of altered states of consciousness and other fascinating topics

March 2024

Lucy in the Sky. In this episode we examine the effects of LSD benefits on normal daily consciousness vs. a psychedelic-assisted world view.

May 2024

Purple Haze: In this episode we examine the propagation of psychedelics through pop culture

July 2024

Sick Science: In this episode we discuss common mental health conditions and how psychedelics move the needle. 

April 2024

Brain Waves: In this episode we examine the neuroscience of psychedelic pharmacology

June 2024

Alice in Wonderland: In this episode we dig into fungi and their magical effects

August 2024

Artificial Intelligence: In this episode we explore the future of psychedelic science in the age of AI and machine learning.

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