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Fundamentals of
Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

Nine Reasons

why you should take this course

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Our medical director, Dr Antonio Ocana and our clinical director, Barbara Heiman, have almost 60 years combined experience managing patients with complex mental health and addiction challenges including eating disorders, ADHD and PTSD. 



We start this course with the fundamentals of a full assessment. You can't be safe with PAT if you don't know your patient's full diagnosis and co-morbidities.

Complete Puzzle

Integrated Care

The goal of the course is not to teach you how to use psychedelics. The goal is to make you a better clinician who knows how to integrate psychedelics into their practice. By definition psychedelic therapy requires a team approach. A clinician with medical expertise must work alongside a clinician with psychological expertise. That type of integrated care is the foundation of our approach.  

Vitamins and pills


Your patients are on all kinds of medications. Many of the psychedelics you will use are also medications. We'll teach what they are, how they work and how to use them safely. All our content is neurobiologically informed. 



Just about everyone of your patients will have trauma as part of their diagnosis. We will teach you how to approach this delicate topic, how to think about it, talk about it and how to integrate those principles into every aspect of your care.



Many of your patients will have some kind of substance or behavioral addiction. We will teach you how to recognize these, how to talk to your patient about them, and how to optimize psychedelic therapy for this population.


Advanced Integration

The long term benefit of psychedelic therapy requires advanced integration techniques. We will teach you the benefits of narrative, somatic, breath work, art and even dance and how you can integrate these into your practice.

Scientist on Computer


We measure everything we do, before during and after psychedelic therapy, so we have a way to document the patient's improvement and progress over time. That takes extra care, extra technology and extra time, but it's worth it.  

At the Psychologist

Real patients

You can't learn psychedelic therapy from a book. This fundamental course includes real case studies, visits by real patients and practicing your skills on real people. You can't integrate your knowledge any other way. 

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