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Plans and Prices

Welcome to the Journey

Hello and welcome to EpiphanyClinic LA. You're new to this. You're not sure what you are getting yourself into, and you want to know more. Understood.

Mental health challenges are not like a broken leg. They are chronic. We get that, So the treatment needs to be long-term. It's called continuity of care. We'll walk beside you, on the path of healing, for as long as it takes. We want to be your mental health partner.

Treatment Plans

Intro to Psychedelics - 1 month

The Rosa - 2 months

The Monica - 4 months


Each of these provides psychedelic-assisted care wrapped up in various other services to optimize your outcomes. You can also purchase service individually if that works better for you.

Whatever your plan, the first step is the Medical Assessment - Visit 1


This is where you will meet the doctor, who will get to know you, and together you will choose which plan makes the most sense for you. This is a full hour, which gives you lots of time to ask any questions you might have. We've created a Frequently Asked Questions section to give you a head start.

Each plan includes separate in-depth medical and psychological assessments and a number of psychedelic experiences, depending on the plan. Each of psychedelic experiences is accompanied by an integration session with a therapist who is specifically trained and accredited in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.


How it works

Your psychedelic-assisted care is personalized to optimize healing. Your treatment is not a one-shot deal. The intent is to integrate your experiences, to change long-term habits. After all, your struggles did not start yesterday, they are chronic and complex. That's why your program emphasizes continuity of care and includes multiple ways to heal.

Mental Health Assessment - Visit 1

It's your first visit. We need to know who needs treatment and why? We need to know if there are any reasons, not to treat you. We need to explain the process and answer your questions. We need to come up with a game plan that will optimize your outcomes.

Psychological Assessment - Visit 2

The process by which you leverage and integrate the insights you gained from your psychedelic experience into your characteristic way of thinking, to help you see and understand yourself more clearly

Psychedelic Session

It's a bit scary at first, but you settle into it pretty quickly. Then you breathe deep and let your mind go to where it wants to go. We got you.


The process by which you leverage and integrate the insights you gained from your psychedelic experience into your characteristic way of thinking, to help you see and understand yourself more clearly


Contemplation helps you be aware of your inner thoughts, knowing yourself and listening to the voices in your head. Have a more enlightened conversation with yourself: free of judgement, comparison and criticism. Take back the power over your negative thoughts.


Journey is our name for the text-based check-ins you have on the EpiphanyClinics mobile app. Now you can follow your progress across the bridge of healing and along the path to wellness, one week at a time.

Group Support

Having supportive people around you is helpful in so many ways: you learn from each other, your feel each other's pain and you might even see, that you don't have it that bad, after all.

Medical follow-up

Mental conditions are complicated and there's a good chance that you need both medication and psychedelics and therapy. You'll need a provider who can keep track of all these factors in order to lead you through the night and into the light.

Choose your Plan

  • Pay in 4 Installments

    Every month
    Divide the payment for this course into four
    Valid for 4 months
    • Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Course - 12 weeks

About our Treatment Packages...

Psychedelics are known to create transformative insights, the kind that curiously align with modern religious sentiments: 'Love thy neighbor'; 'We are all one;' 'Everything is connected'. 


That's why psychedelics trips are often described as 'mystical experiences' and psychedelics are also known as 'entheogens', which comes from the Greek word for god, 'theo'. With all those godly feelings in mind, we decided to name our treatment plans after famous saints, well known to Californians: 'Santa Rosa'; 'Santa Monica' and Santa 'Barbara'.

The purpose of our treatment packages is two-fold. 1) Keep it simple 2) Make it all-inclusive. Our plans don't sell a product, they sell a package of comprehensive care: 2 months, 6 months or 12 months. Specifically, mental health care, augmented by the power of psychedelics.

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