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Appointment Policies

Booking Policy

You can now book two months ahead


We ask you to kindly not call or text us to get an appointment, we want to reserve those channels for emergencies. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things may change or you might not feel well on the day of your visit, but we need at least 2 business days to refill that spot, otherwise it is considered a late change or no-show, and you unfortunately forfeit your payment.

Rescheduling Policy

If you want to reschedule your visit, email us at with your preferred date and time. We will happily cancel the original visit and  reschedule you for the new date. There is a $15 administration fee.



We want you to have an exceptional customer experience. Feel free to offer any suggestions as to how we might improve. If you feel your needs have not been met, please let us know. We'd much rather discuss that with you by phone or email rather than have you write a nasty review, Such reviews unnecessarily scare away patients who need treatment and that's a lose/ lose for everyone.


Refund Policy

You can only receive a refund if the service has not been provided, if the doctor did not show up, or we cancelled your visit, without an opportunity to reschedule. Unfortunately you can't get a refund if you did not feel your needs were met. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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