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Fundamentals of Psychedelic- assisted Psychotherapy - 12 weeks - First week free.

May 22, 2024 - Aug 21, 2024

  • 92Days
  • 142Steps


At EpiphanyClinics, practitioners are the heart of our healing efforts. Epiphany supports them by offering trauma-informed, evidence-based experiential training that is rooted in neuroscience, multi-disciplinary care, and respect for the Indigenous roots of entheogenic medicine. We teach them the fundamentals of good patient care and give them the tools to educate themselves, learn to apply their craft, and inspire their clients to become their best selves. The psychedelic assisted therapy wave has been building for 60 years. In our opinion, it promises to be the most significant improvement in the treatment of mental health in a generation. - The science is advancing exponentially every year. - The number of clinics offering psychedelic molecules is growing every month. - Public education and acceptance have never been greater. - Regulatory barriers are being thoughtfully removed. Our prediction is that within 5 years, psychedelic-assisted therapy will be the industry standard for treatment of many, if not most mental conditions. At EpiphanyClinics we've made it our mission to train excellent clinicians to lead this evolution of care. This course will provide a broad introduction to the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to provide safe, effective and ethical psychedelic psychotherapy. Candidates for this course will be regulated health professionals or students, whose scope of practice includes psychiatry, addiction medicine or psychotherapy. Hosted by EpiphanyClinics, the goal of the training is to provide clinicians a practical understanding of the neuro-psycho-social biology of mental conditions, how to assess patients, and the magic by which psychedelics generate insights that psychotherapy can leverage, in the service of helping our clients meet their full potential in life.

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