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Affiliate Programs



Tarun Gulati, originally a drummer in a rock and roll band and now a serial entrepreneur makes his mark with this devilishly effective program. Contemplation is thinking deeply about things that matter, specifically 'listening in' rather than looking out. Gulati's program teaches us to align with our primordial wisdom as manifested by our inner energy. You will never see life through the same lens again.

Boss Up

This program written by our very own Dr. Ocana puts us in the position of power. The CEO of your life becomes the voice you use to take back the power you gave up in childhood. Ocana helps us "self lead" using our internal boss who runs the corporation with empathy, authority and facts.


Positive Intelligence

Shirzad Chamine has created a wonderful schema for managing your demons, judges and critics. More importantly, he gives you access to the power of the sage, your better self. Based on decades if research in neuroscience this self-help program gives you a framework to make life more positive, less stressful and focussed on finding and following your passion in life. 


No Bad Parts

Richard Schwartz is the Eric Clapton of psychology. He has singlehandedly derived this up-beat approach to managing distress and crisis in your life. He posits, and you will soon agree that our psyche is inhabited by different "parts" of us. "Part of me thinks I should write a book. Part of me is afraid I will fail" Schwartz teaches to honor and explore those different parts and then let them work it out. It's eerily effective.

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