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Talk Therapy

As children, we adapted to our environment in order to survive. That worked. But have you considered reviewing your coping mechanisms since then? Probably not.


What about your current challenges in life, love, career and friendships? Do you think they have anything to do with the coping styles you developed as a child? Probably yes.


Psychedelic-assisted or not, talk therapy is the backbone of mental health treatment. It's a kind of magic.


You have been rolling those negative thought around in your head for your whole life. Then you sit down and talk about it, even with a stranger and perhaps you get a clarity, a more rational, less emotional perspective and 'poof', you feel instantly better.

If that stranger is trained in safely eliciting those difficult thoughts and creating an empathic environment that provides scaffolding for the emotional dysregulation that may unfold, now you've got talk therapy

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